Flower Names in Hindi & English

Hello, young ones! Have you ever wondered about the different types of flowers in this world? Flowers are not just beautiful, but they also play an essential role in the ecosystem. They help to pollinate plants and provide food for insects and other animals. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of over 150 flower names in English and Hindi that you can learn about and appreciate.

Did you know that there are over 391,000 species of flowering plants on this planet? That’s a lot of flowers! Each species has unique beauty and characteristics; learning about them is fascinating. Some flowers have medicinal properties, while others have cultural significance. You can expand your knowledge and appreciation of nature by exploring different flower names.

In this blog post, we have included both English and Hindi names of flowers. This will help you to learn about the flowers in your local environment and understand their names in different languages. We hope this will inspire you to explore the beauty of nature and develop a love for plants and flowers. So let’s get started and dive into the world of flower names!

Flowers are one of nature’s most beautiful creations, adorning the world with their vibrant colours, sweet fragrances, and delicate petals. They have been integral to human culture for centuries, used in celebrations, rituals, and ceremonies. Flowers have even been given symbolic meanings, representing everything from love and friendship to purity and sorrow.

This article will explore the importance of flowers and their role in human history. We will also discuss the different types of flowers, their meanings, and the various ways they are used in modern society.

Meaning Of Flowers

Understanding the meanings behind different flowers can help you choose the perfect bouquet for any occasion. As mentioned, red roses symbolise love and passion, while yellow roses represent friendship and joy. Pink roses are often associated with gratitude and appreciation, while white roses represent purity and innocence.

Types Of Flowers

There are countless varieties of flowers, each with its unique beauty and meaning. Roses, for example, symbolise love and affection, while lilies represent purity and innocence. Other popular flowers include daisies, sunflowers, orchids, and tulips.’

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Flower Names

Sr. No.FlowersEnglishHindi
1. Rose FlowerRoseगुलाब
2. Lotus FlowerLotusकमल
3.Arabian jasmine FlowerJasmineचमेली
5.Daisy FlowerDaisyगुलबहार
6.Tulip FlowerTulipकन्द पुष्प
7.Magnolia FlowerMagnoliaचम्पा
9.Balsam FlowerBalsamगुल मेहँदी
10.Flax FlowerFlaxपटसन
11. Butterfly Pea FlowerButterfly Peaअपराजिता
12.Crossandra FlowerCrossandraअबोली
13. Golden Shower FlowerGolden Showerअमलतास
14. Forest Ghost FlowerForest Ghostआँकुरी बाँकुरी
15. Yellow Marigold FlowerYellow Marigold गेंदेगेंदे का फूल
16.Pot Marigold FlowerPot Marigoldगुले अशर्फ़ी
17. Star Jasmine FlowerStar Jasmineकुंद पुष्प
18. Night Blooming Jasmine FlowerNight Blooming Jasmineरात की रानी
19.Jasminum Sambac FlowerJasminum Sambacमोगरा
20.Crape Jasmine FlowerCrape Jasmineचांदनी फूल
21.White Frangipani FlowerWhite Frangipani गुलैन्ची
22.Hibiscus FlowerHibiscusगुड़हल का फूल
23.Peacock FlowerPeacock Flowerगुलेतूरा फूल
24.Daisy FlowerDaisyगुलबहार का फूल
25.Scarlet Milkweed FlowerScarlet Milkweedकाकतुण्डी
26.Black Turmeric FlowerBlack Turmericकाली हल्दी
27.Cobra Saffron FlowerCobra Saffron नाग चम्पा
28.Yellow Oleander FlowerYellow Oleanderपीला कनेर
29.Chandramallika FlowerChandramallika चंद्रमल्लिका
31.Puncture Vine FlowerPuncture Vine गोखरू
32.Blue Water Lily FlowerBlue Water Lilyनीलकमल
33.Aloe Vera FlowerAloe Vera Flower घृत कुमारी
35.Chamomile FlowerChamomileबबुने का फुल
36. Delonix Regia FlowerDelonix Regia गुलमोहर
37.Night Flowering Jasmine FlowerNight Flowering Jasmineहरसिंगार
38.Hiptage FlowerHiptageमाधवी पुष्प
39.Murraya FlowerMurrayaकामिनी
40.Narcissus FlowerNarcissus नर्गिस
41.Pandanus FlowerPandanus केवड़ा
42.Sweet Violet FlowerSweet Violetबनफशा का फूल
43.Poppy FlowerPoppy Flower खसखस
44.Grand Crinum Lily FlowerGrand Crinum Lilyनागदमनी
45.Prickly Pear FlowerPrickly Pear नागफनी
46.Creeper FlowerCreeper मधु मालती
47.Stramonium FlowerStramoniumसफ़ेद धतुरा
48.Hollyhock FlowerHollyhockगुलखैरा
49.Dahlia FlowerDahliaडेहलिया
50.Lady’s slipper orchid FlowerLady’s slipper orchidआर्किड फूल
51.Foxtail Orchid FlowerFoxtail Orchidद्रौपदी माला
52.Pansy FlowerPansyबनफूल
53.Bluestar FlowerBluestar Flowerअसोनिया
54.Butea Monosperma FlowerButea Monospermaपलाश के फुल
55.Primrose FlowerPrimroseबसन्ती
56.Purple Passion FlowerPurple Passionझुमका लता
57.Indian Tulip FlowerIndian Tulipपारस पीपल
58.Zombi Pea FlowerZombi Peaजंगली मूंग
59.Millingtonia Hortensis FlowerMillingtonia Hortensisनीम चमेली
60.Orchid FlowerOrchidऑर्किड
61.Star Glory FlowerStar Gloryकामलता फूल
62.Indigo Flower FlowerIndigo Flowerनील फूल
63.Lilac FlowerLilacबकाइन
64.Queen Crape MyrtleQueen Crape Myrtleजरुल
65.Blue Morning GloryBlue Morning Gloryप्रातः श्री
66.Picotee Blue Morning Glory FlowerPicotee Blue Morning Gloryपॉटोटी ब्लू मॉर्निंग ग्लोरी
67.Tanner’s Cassia FlowerTanner’s Cassiaतरवड़
68.Bougainvillea FlowerBougainvilleaबूगनबेल
69.Glory Lily FlowerGlory Lily बचनाग
70.Brahma Kamal FlowerBrahma Kamalब्रह्मकमल
71.Burr Mallow FlowerBurr Mallowबिचता
72.Blue Fountain Bush FlowerBlue Fountain Bushभरंगी
73.Burmann’s Sundew FlowerBurmann’s Sundewमुखजली
74.Spanish Cherry FlowerSpanish Cherryमौलश्री का पुष्प
75.Ixora Coccinea FlowerIxora Coccineaरुग्मिनी
76.MountainT Laurel FlowerMountainT Laurelमाउंटेन लॉरेल
77.Mexican uberose FlowerMexican uberoseरजनीगन्धा
78.Common Lantana FlowerCommon Lantanaराईमुनिया
79.Rohira FlowerRohiraरोहेड़ा
80.Cockscomb FlowerCockscombलाल मुर्ग़ा
81.Mexican Prickly Poppy FlowerMexican Prickly Poppyसत्यानाशी
82.Showy Rattlepod FlowerShowy Rattlepodसन्नी
83.Crown FlowerCrownसफ़ैद आक
84.Canna Lily FlowerCanna Lilyसर्वज्जय
85.Common Crape Myrtle FlowerCommon Crape Myrtleसावनी
86.Siroi Lily FlowerSiroi Lilyसिरोय कुमुदिनी
87.Ashok Flower FlowerAshok Flowerसीता अशोक
88.Golden Frangipani FlowerGolden Frangipaniसोन चम्पा
89.Monsoon lily FlowerMonsoon lilyसफ़ेद मुस्ली
90.Orange Tiger Lily FlowerOrange Tiger Lily नारंगी बाघ लिली
91.Blood Lily FlowerBlood Lily रक्त लिली
92.Asiatic Lily FlowerAsiatic Lilyलिलि
93.Ranunculus FlowerRanunculus Flowerरनंगक्यलस फूल
94.Hypericum flowerHypericum flowerहाइपेरिकम फूल
95.Columbine FlowerColumbine Flowerकालंबिन फूल
96.Mirabilis Jalapa FlowerMirabilis Jalapaमिराबिलिस जालपा
97.Anemone FlowerAnemone Flower रत्नज्योति फूल
98.Plumeria FlowerPlumeriaप्लमेरिया
99.Tuberose FlowerTuberose Flower कंद फूल
100.Bluebell FlowerBluebell Flowerनीला फूल
101.Peruvian lily FlowerPeruvian lilyपेरुवियन लिली
102.African DaisyAfrican Daisyअफ्रीकन डेज़ी
103.Crocus FlowerCrocus केसर
104.Dandelion Dewdrop FlowerDandelion Dewdropकुकरौंधा
105.Calotropis FlowerCalotropisआक का फूल
106.Yarrow FlowerYarrowभूतकेशी
107.Balloon FlowerBalloon Flowerगुब्बारा फूल
108.Foxtail Orchid FlowerFoxtail Orchidद्रोपदिमाला
109.Bleeding HeartBleeding Heartरक्त केतकी
110.SnowDrop / Moon Flower FlowerSnowDrop / Moon Flowerगुलचाँदनी
111.Apricot Flower FlowerApricot Flowerखुमानी का फूल
112.Apple FlowerApple Flowerसेब का फूल
113.Bauhinia FlowerBauhiniaकचनार
114.Aster FlowerAsterतारक पुष्प
115.Indian mallow FlowerIndian mallowएबूटिलोन फूल
116.Papaya FlowerPapaya Flowerपपीता का फूल
117.Magnolia FlowerMagnoliaचम्पा
118.Cockscomb FlowerCockscomb Flowerलाल मुर्ग़ा
119.Creeper FlowersCreeper Flowersमधु मालती
120.Dahlia flowerDahliaडेहलिया
121.Golden Frangipani FlowerGolden Frangipaniसोन चम्पा
122.Balsam FlowerBalsamगुल मेहँदी
123.Primrose FlowerPrimroseबसन्ती गुलाब
124.Stramonium FlowerStramoniumधतुरा
125.Shameplant FlowerShameplant छूईमूई
126.Chrysanthemum FlowerChrysanthemum Flowerचंद्रमल्लिका
127.Common White Frangipani FlowerCommon White Frangipaniगुलैन्ची
128.Pansy FlowerPansyबनफूल
129.Oleander FlowerOleanderकनेर
130.Cypress Vine, Star Glory FlowerCypress Vine, Star Gloryकामलता
131.Chamomile Vine FlowerChamomile Vineबाबूने का फूल
132.Banana FlowersBanana Flowersकेले का फूल
133.Basil FlowerBasilतुलसी
134.Acacia FlowerAcaciaबबूल
135.Pomegranate FlowerPomegranate Flowerअनार का फूल
136.Flax FlowerFlaxपटसन
137.Murraya FlowerMurraya कामिनी
138.Lavender FlowerLavenderलैवेंडर के फूल
139.Golden Shower FlowerGolden Shower Flowerअमलतास
140.Narcissus FlowerNarcissusनर्गिस
141.Common Lantana FlowerCommon Lantanaराईमुनिया
142.Arabian jasmine FlowerArabian jasmineमोगरा
143.Jasminum Sambac FlowerJasminum Sambacमल्लिका
144.Hibiscus FlowerHibiscusगुड़हल जास्वंद
145.Epimedium FlowerEpimedium एपिमेडियम फूल
146.Primula flower FlowerPrimula flowerप्रिमुला फूल
147.Veronica flowerVeronica flowerवेरोनिका फूल
148.Hyacinth FlowerHyacinthजलकुंभी फूल
149.Ipomoea flowerIpomoea flowerइपोमिया फूल
150.Mimosa flowerMimosa flower छुईमुई

Flowers Scientific Name

Flowers are beautiful and come in many different species and types. Each flower has a unique scientific name, which allows for accurate identification and classification. Here we have mentioned the scientific names of flowers. Here we have provided resources, such as the scientific names of flowers in PDF format and scientific names of flowers.

One of the benefits of knowing the scientific names of flowers is that it allows for the precise identification of different species. This is particularly important when it comes to scientific research and conservation efforts. By using scientific names, researchers can avoid confusion and ensure they are studying the correct species.

India has a rich diversity of plant life, including many unique and rare species. Learning about the scientific names of Indian flowers can be an excellent way to appreciate and understand this rich biodiversity.

Flower Scientific Name Banner

Sr. No.EnglishHindiScientific
2.LotusकमलNelumbo nucifera
3.Jasmineचमेली Jasminum
5.DaisyगुलबहारBellis perennis
6.Tulipकन्द पुष्पTulipa
7.Magnoliaचम्पाMagnolia grandiflora
8.Lavenderलैवेंडर Lavandula
9.Balsamगुल मेहँदीImpatiens
10.FlaxपटसनLinum usitatissimum
11.Butterfly PeaअपराजिताClitoria ternatea
13.Golden ShowerअमलतासCassia fistula
14.Forest Ghostआँकुरी बाँकुरीAeginetia indica
15.Yellow Marigoldगेंदे का फूलTagetes
16.Pot Marigoldगुले अशर्फ़ीCalendula officinalis
17.Star Jasmineकुंद पुष्पTrachelospermum jasminoides
18.Night Blooming Jasmineरात की रानीCestrum nocturnum
19.Primroseबसन्ती गुलाबPrimula vulgaris
20.Crape Jasmineचांदनी फूलTabernaemontana divaricata
21.Common White Frangipaniगुलैन्चीPlumeria rubra
22.Hibiscusगुड़हल का फूलrosa-sinensis
23.Peacock Flowerगुलेतूरा फूलCaesalpinia pulcherrima
24.Zombi Peaजंगली मूंगVigna vexillata
25.Scarlet Milkweedकाकतुण्डीAsclepias curassavica
26.Black Turmericकाली हल्दीCurcuma caesia
27.Cobra Saffronनाग चम्पाmesua ferrea
28.Yellow Oleanderपीला कनेरCascabela thevetia
30.PeriwinkleसदाबहारCatharanthus roseus
31.Puncture VineगोखरूTribulus terrestris
32.Blue Water LilyनीलकमलNymphaea caerulea
33.Aloe Vera Flowerघृत कुमारीAloe barbadensis miller
34.ShameplantछूईमूईMimosa pudica
35.Chamomileबबुने का फुलMatricaria chamomilla
36.Delonix Regiaगुलमोहरroyal poinciana
37.Hiptageमाधवी पुष्पbenghalensis
38.MurrayaकामिनीMurraya paniculata
40.Pandanusकेवड़ाPandanus tectorius
41.Sweet Violetबनफशा का फूलViola odorata
42.Poppy FlowerखसखसPapaver
43.Grand Crinum LilyनागदमनीCrinum asiaticum
44.Prickly PearनागफनीOpuntia
45.Stramoniumसफ़ेद धतुराDatura stramonium
47.DahliaडेहलियाAlcea rosea
48.Foxtail Orchidद्रौपदी मालाRhynchostylis
49.PansyबनफूलViola tricolor var. hortensis
50.Bluestar FlowerअसोनियाAmsonia

Caring For Flower

Proper care is crucial to ensure your flowers stay fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. Start trimming the stems at a 45-degree angle and placing them in a water-filled vase. Be sure to change the water every few days and add flower food to help prolong their lifespan.


Flowers are a timeless gift that can be used to express various emotions. By understanding the different types of flowers and their meanings, you can choose the perfect bouquet for any occasion. With proper care, your flowers will continue bringing joy and beauty to your home for days.

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What is a very rare flower?

One of the rarest flowers in the world is the “Kadupul” flower, also known as the “Queen of the Night“. It is a cactus flower that blooms once a year at night and wilt within hours of blooming. It is tough to cultivate and is found in minimal regions of Sri Lanka. Another rare flower is the “Ghost Orchid,” found in Florida and Cuba and known for its elusive nature and delicate beauty.

Which flower has 1,000 petals?

There is no known flower with exactly 1,000 petals. However, some varieties of the lotus flower have been known to have up to 1,000 petals, with the world record for the most petals on a single lotus flower being 1,369 petals. The number of petals on a lotus flower can vary depending on the specific variety, growing conditions, and other factors.

What flower blooms every 50 years?

Some plants are sometimes called “flowers” and have exceptionally long bloom cycles. One example is the Agave plant, sometimes known as the “century plant” because it is said to bloom only once every 100 years. However, this is a myth – most Agave species bloom after 10 to 30 years of growth, and some may bloom more frequently.

What is all India’s flower?

India’s national flower is the Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera). The lotus is a sacred flower in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism and is often used in religious and cultural ceremonies. The lotus is known for its beauty and resilience, as it can grow in muddy waters and still produce pristine and fragrant blooms. In many traditions, it is also an important symbol of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth.

What is a unique flower name?

Leilani, Flora, Cassia, and Petal are all lovely and uncommon flower names. Daisy, Posy, Tulip, and even Wildflower are adorable flower names. From the exotic Amaryllis to the commonplace Daisy, Clover, and Marigold, flower names for baby girls range wid

What flower has 100 petals?

The flower with 100 petals is the “centifolia” variety of the rose. It is also known as the “100-petaled rose”, or the “cabbage rose.”

What is a really cool flower name?

One of the coolest flower names is “Passion Flower.” Its intricate design and vibrant colors make it a unique and captivating bloom.

What is a cute flower?

The “Daisy” is often considered a cute flower due to its simple, cheerful, and delicate appearance.

Which flower do girls love?

While preferences vary, many girls love “Roses” due to their timeless beauty and association with love and romance. However, tastes differ, and some might prefer lilies, tulips, or peonies.

Is Rainbow Rose real?

Yes, Rainbow Roses are real. They are created by splitting the stem of a white rose and dipping each part into different colored water. The petals then absorb the colors, resulting in a vibrant, multi-colored appearance.

What is a romantic flower?

The “Red Rose” is universally recognized as a symbol of love and romance. Its deep red hue and fragrant scent have made it a favorite choice for romantic occasions for centuries.

What is the 20 flowers name?

There are many flowers, like roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, daisies, jasmine, orchids, marigolds, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and so on.

What are the five flowers names?

Some flowers are roses, tulips, lilies, sunflowers, and daisies.

What is the Indian flower name?

India has many flowers, such as lotus, marigold, jasmine, and rose.

What are 5 flowers in English?

Roses, lilies, daisies, tulips, and sunflowers are five flowers.

Which is the most beautiful flower?

Beauty is subjective, but many consider the rose to be the most beautiful.

What flower has 7 petals?

A septifolious flower, like the Wood Anemone, has 7 petals.

What is the English name of mogra flower?

The English name for mogra is “jasmine.”

What are the 4 main types of flowers?

The four main types are complete, incomplete, perfect, and imperfect.

What is a female flower?

 A female flower contains only pistils.

What is the most popular flower?

 The rose is often considered the most popular flower worldwide.

Which flower is 100 years?

Some bamboo species flower once every 100 years.

What flower has 21 petals?

The aster typically has 21 petals.

What flower has 24 petals?

The chrysanthemum can have 24 petals.

Which flower has 1,000 petals?

Certain cultivated peonies can have 1,000 petals.

Do roses have 30 petals?

Some hybrid tea roses can have around 30 petals.